Rolex Auction History

Eric ‘Slow Hand’ Clapton

Eric Clapton. Eric Clapton.

5th June 2003: A Christies Auction (No.1218) featuring a collection of watches owned by the renowned guitarist Eric Clapton. All the pieces on offer reached excellent prices and the proceeds went to Mr Clapton’s Charity. Amongst these were Milgausses, Paul Newman and non Paul Newman Daytona’s, a very rare monochromatic silver dialled Daytona and an equally, if not rarer, Yachtmaster Daytona (pictured right) which went for £77,500.

As an aside, the collection also contained a Red Submariner 1680 which appeared (from the catalogue) to be nothing special, just a good condition Red Submariner with slight patina. However this was no ordinary watch, this was Eric Clapton’s Red Submariner, and so when the gavel sounded on this lot it had reached a staggering £6,000! In 2003 this was possibly the most expensive standard Rolex Red Submariner in the world and just goes to show what impact a glamorous provenance can have on the value of pre-owned pieces.